Friday, March 18, 2022

Tips for Working with Vellum

Vellum papers are a tight weave translucent material.  They provide a variety of options for adding artistic touches to a project. You'll often see vellum used as an overlay to mute the colors behind it. Vellum can easily be punched and die cut. Think about those super elegant looking invitations an announcements.  Or awesome projects with lots of leafy foliage sprays peaking out behind a focal point.

Color and texture options: Vellum is typically a milky white translucent color, but color can be added during the manufacturing process. The entire sheet can be colored and images can be printed on it. This tight weave paper is typically very smooth, but texture can also be added during manufacturing.  In addition to the traditional vellum, Stampin'Up! currently has 3 options for vellum papers: 

Is your brain whirling with possibilities right now?  If so there are 2 issues you need to plan for.

  1. choose your adhesive carefully,

    the fact that vellum is translucent means adhesive may be visible through the paper

    one solution is to hide the adhesive behind an element on top the vellum . . . for a project like the card to the right, the adhesive can be hidden behind the flowers glued on top of the vellum doily

    another solution is to uniformly cover the vellum with adhesive, a double sided adhesive sheet works well for that

  2. plan for extra drying time for any ink you add

 You can use vellum to create a variety of special effects on a project. 

Click here to see all the vellum products Stampin'Up! currently carries.

I hope this has given you some ideas for being creative with special papers and that you have an INKcredible day . . .

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