Why Join Stampin'UP!

Join Stampin'Up! during Sale-a-Bration and you'll get 2 additional stamp sets for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Starter Kit:

Is it worth the money? Can you use it to be a discount buyer? What is a "hobby demo"? Do you have to sell product? Can you make money? Can you re-join?

Is the Starter Kit worth the money?

Absolutely yes!  Whether you plan to actually sell or not, the kit itself is a good value for the money. 

Demonstrators enjoy a normal discount of at least 20% on personal purchases (higher than that as your sales volume increases). And you get that 20% discount with the initial purchase of the Starter Kit. When you join, you choose $125 of product but pay only $99.  Plus the company gives you free shipping on the Starter Kit and includes business supplies.

What is a "hobby demo"?

A hobby demo is someone who purchased the Starter Kit primarily for personal purchase but does take orders from a few friends or who does an occasional event each month.  For the hobby demo this is a nice way to help meet their minimums or even to make a little extra cash.

Is there a Discount Buyer program?

Informally, yes. Unlike some other direct sales companies, Stampin'Up! does not require its demonstrators to actually sell product. Many people do use their demonstratorship as a discount buying program.  

While Stampin'Up! encourages sales, the company understands the value of supporting its customers and welcomes anyone who wants to purchase the Starter Kit. You keep your discount privileges as long as you continue to meet the company minimums.

Additional Bonuses
  • Host Rewards:
    Stampin'Up! also allows demonstrators to earn the same rewards that someone would earn if they hosted a party. If your personal purchase crosses the threshold amount to earn Stampin' Rewards you'll receive that as an added benefit in free product.
  • First access to new product:
    Demonstrators have access to see and purchase new product a full month before the general public.
Are you looking for a Discount Buying program for Stampin'Up! product?
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What are the Minimums?

Stampin'Up! requires you to either purchase or sell $300 of merchandise each quarter.
  • Of course with your discount you're only paying $240 for that $300 of product.
  • And with the added Host Rewards you're actually getting $330 while spending only $240.  

Can a person make money as a demonstrator?

As with any other direct sales company, you will get out of it what you put into it. The top demonstrators do support their families on their earnings. Other demonstrators simply enjoy earning extra spending money each month. And of course, some simply enjoy their discount on personal purchases. Which category suits you?

A demonstrator who is willing to put in the time can grow their sales volume and their team to the point where they do make real money. It does take hard work and do not expect to get rich quick. But for someone who loves the craft and is ready to learn some business skills along with their crafting skills it can definitely be done.
Are you ready to be a Stampin'Up! demonstrator?
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Extra Steps to Ensure the Success of an On-Line Business

There are 3 things that will help in your success with running a stamping business 
  1. Business training specific to direct sales
  2. Plan on growing a team
  3. Expanding your business to include an on-line presence.

If you're planning on running an on-line stamping business then I strongly suggest getting professional trainingBrenda Ster (Social Marketing Strategist) provides both the business knowledge and the social media expertise needed to run any direct sales business. She is an expert at helping you maximize your business presence on different social media channels.

Any direct sales business venture is only successful when you are able to reach large numbers of potential buyers. Investing in social media training is a wise investment of both time and money.

What is your reason to join?
  • to get product at a discount?
  • to learn to be a better stamper?
  • to earn extra income?
Would you like more information? 
  • Contact me with your questions
  •  I can offer many different suggestions for training depending on your goals.

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