Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pansy Punch Art Puppy Dog

Hello Handsome! Here's the perfect card to welcome a new puppy. 

Are you a fan of punch art?  This card uses only 2 punches - the Pansy Punch for the head, body and tail and the Owl Builder Punch for the small hearts used on the nose and tongue.

Did you notice there's 2 versions of this puppy? Here's the "recipe card" showing how to make them.

Using punches is a quick, way to make crisp paper images. And a fun thing to do if you stamp with children. For some reason kids love using punches.

Punch art is a fun way to get extra use from a tool you already have.  You've invested in the punches, right, so you might as well get some additional fun using them.  And speaking of getting extra use from a punch, check out this idea for making Halloween bats using a butterfly punch!  Or this super easy Hello Kitty Card. Click on any of the images to take you to the post about that card.


Here's one more view of the Pansy Punch Art Puppy dog 
and a list of the products I used to make them.

Pansy Punch


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