Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Affectionately Yours Floral Gatefold with a Belly Band

This beautiful Gatefold card has a lovely belly band decorated with punched and die cut flowers and a sentiment banner. This card was made by Sue Fischbach and it was a winner in our recent demo card contest. When you look at these pictures you'll know why it won.

Gate Fold card with a heart opening

Gate Fold means that the card opens in the middle.  For a regular gatefold you'd start with a normal 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of cardstock and cut it longways and you'd score at 2-3/4" from each short end.

This is a special gatefold because Susan started with a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and cut it to 12"x5.5". She then scored at 4" from each end and then 2" from each end. Her finished card was the same height as a normal card but a tad thinner (5.5"x4"). In this next photo you can see how Sue folded the scored flaps.

Gate Fold card with a heart opening

To create the heart openings Sue lined up the heart die on the 2" fold line to center it for cutting.

With this type of fold the card tends to want to open up by itself, so a pretty belly band helps you present it neatly.  Plus a belly band is always a classy addition to a card.

Gate Fold card with a heart opening

Speaking of additions to the card, check out the inside!

Heart with woven Designer Paper Strips and Floral Affection Texture Embossing

Sue made her inside heart extra special by cutting a heart shaped hole in the blue paper to line up with the heart shaped holes in the gate flaps. She then wove strips of designer paper to fill the hole. Wow!  No wonder this card was a winner in our card contest.

And check out the pretty floral texture embossing above the heart.  I thought this was a very creative way to use the small Floral Affection embossing folder. Its a perfect addition to the inside of this card because it adds texture without taking your attention away from the main feature.

Are you inspired to play? Heres a list of the products Susan used on her card.

Pansy Punch
Watermelon Wonder 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock


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