Saturday, September 28, 2013

2-Step Stamping with Too Kind

Card made with Stampin'UP!'s Too Kind stamp set and Bitty Butterfly Punch2-Step Stamp Sets allow you to create some awesome images.  One of my favorites is a set called Too Kind. We used it in class this month to make this card.

Here's why its called 2-step stamping:
The 2 tones on the flower actually come from 2 different stamps.  The larger, lighter purple image is one stamp and the smaller, darker part of the flower is actually a 2nd stamp.

This card is actually really easy to make! 
*We stamped the stems first (because they're long and actually go under the sentiment strip. 
*Next we stamped the large, light purple part of the flower, because we wanted it situated right above the stem
*Finally we stamped the darker purple smaller part of the flower. 

Stampin'UP!'s Too Kind Stamp SetThis stamp set is nicely "forgiving" in that the placement of the flower heads does not have to be exact. It looks good pretty much where ever you stamp the 2 images.

Do you sometimes get annoying lines around your image because the ink got onto the edge of the stamp.? There ar 2 ways to avoid that.
1. Ink the stamp with markers instead of an ink pad
2. Trim your stamp to remove the edges.

Trim the edges of your stamp to avoid the ink edges on your project.
YES - I know they come die cut and ready to punch out.  But sometimes the edges are a problem anyway. 

Stampin'UP!'s Paper Snips have a wonderful sharp point and thin blade that lets me get under just the rubber and not the foam backing. 

This has really made a difference in the quality of my stamping.

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