Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On Sale this Week: Polymer Clay, a Wonderful Embellishment

What do you think of these 2 cards?  Do you know what they both have in common?
Ploymer Clay embellishments 

Card Embellishment made with Stampin'UP!'s Polymer Clay Card Embellishment made with Stampin'UP!'s Polymer Clay

Polymer clay makes a great embellishment for several reasons:
  • Its easy to mold into shapes
    or roll out like cookie dough and cut into shapes
  • Its easy to color: just add a few drops of re-inker to make it match your paper and ink
  • Its not messy or wet
  • You can heat emboss it, add Crystal Effects and glitter
  • The "dry" finished project is still soft enough to go through the US mail

To shape the Polymer Clay- either press it into a mold or roll out into a sheet and cut with a scissors. Stampin'UP! does sell a set of 2 very cute molds - button shapes and flower shapes. And guess what, they're on sale this week too!

To color the Polymer Clay - just add a few drops of re-inker and squish until you get the color you want. HINT: keep your hands clean by squishing it in a plastic baggie. BTW: several re-inkers are also on sale this week.
Set of 2 molds (Button and Flower shape) for Stampin'UP!'s Polymer Clay    Stampin'UP!'s Polymer Clay being colored with re-inker
Button & Flower  Molds -  item #131272           The Polymer clay - item #130685

Here are the links to read more details about these 2 cards and their clay embellishments: 
. . . the heart card . . . or the candle card

Or click here to the rest of whats on Sale this Week.

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