Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Handy Storage for Quick Access to Craft Tools

Craft Tool CaddyHow do you store your craft tools?  Especially the ones you want quick and easy access to? Here is my solution - I use this kitchen tool caddy.

I love this particular model because it has so many individual slots for my tools and keeps them nicely separated. 

The compartments are different heights which is also an advantage. And this one is on a swivel base so I can rotate it easily to find what I'm looking for.

I'm lucky to have a permanent space available for crafting so my tool caddy can sit out in my work area. If you have to keep your craft supplies in a closet then using something like this would be ideal for quick set-ups and clean-ups.

disclaimer: I got this at a garage sale. I think its Pampered Chef although I just checked their website and the tool "turn-about" they sell now is black and looks a little different.

When you're a crafter nothing can be plain right? So here's how I decorated it.
Craft Tool Caddy Craft Tool Caddy

Fast Fuse Adhesive: This project was my first time using Stampin'UP!'s new Fast Fuse adhesive. I must say I was pleased with how well it held and how easy it was to put the project together.  

The Fast Fuse adhesive rolled nicely out of the handy dispenser and did a great job sticking to the plastic of the tool caddy.  It worked equally well on  the fabric of the ribbon and on the paper for the letters.

Love the Little Letters! The letters were die cut using Stampin'UP!'s new Little Letters Thinlits. Perhaps a bit of overkill on this project, they'll be hidden by the tool handles and of course people know its a tool caddy, but I was playing and having fun.

BTW: The holes in the thinlit dies do not show on the punched piece, they're just there to help remove the paper from the die.
Stampin'UP! Fast Fuse Adhesive Stampin'UP!'s Little Letters Thinlit Dies

I'm loving this tool storage idea. I'm so much more motivated to create when things are organized. I'd love to hear your storage ideas. Please leave a comment below.

and feel free to contact me with any questions
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