Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Card with a Polymer Clay Rose Embellishment

Valentine Card with Stampin'UP! Doily and Polymer Clay
There's lots going on with this card: the doily, embossed background, multiple punched layers for the sentiment, punched leaves and hearts. But what I want to point out on this project is the rose. 

This rose embellishment is made of a moldeable, clay that I dyed with Stampin'UP! re-inkers to match the cardstock.

When Stampin'UP! first announced they were going to carry the Polymer Clay I did a search in my local stores to see what this product was. The only products I found locally had to be baked. But not this stuff.

Its easy to get any color you want. The clay is white when you take it from the package.  To get the color:
  *I put a piece into a Ziploc bag
  *added several drops of re-inker
Rose Flowers made with StampinUP Polymer Clay drying on a Silicone Craft Mat  *and then squished it to distribute the color.
You can always go back and add more ink to get exactly the color you want.

I made about 20 of these flowers and here's a few tips
  1. I found that its easier to remove the flowers from the mold if you first "dust" the mold with your embossing buddy.
  2. It was also easier to remove them if I left the mold in the freezer for a minute or 2.
Flower and Button Molds for Stampinup Polymer Simply Pressed ClayThe finished clay project is soft - not hard like a baked product. After it air dries (I let mine go over night) its is still somewhat soft and a little pliable. Its definitely not moldable anymore but it also should not be a problem mailing it. It will make a lump on the project, but its a soft lump.

Stampin'UP! also sells molds for the clay. The molds come in a package of two: one mold makes 3 size button shapes and the other mold makes 3 size flower shapes.

Buttons and Blossoms Simply Pressed Clay Mold
#131272  $7.95

Simply Pressed Clay
#130685 normally $6.95 on sale this week for $5.21

Embossing Buddy #103083  $5.95

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