Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kids Project: Polymer Clay Embellishment on a Hair Barrette

Hair Barettes decorated with Polymer ClayDo your children like to craft? Here's a fun kids project that uses Polymer Clay to decorate a Hair Barrette.

Have you ever worked with Polymer Clay? You can do amazing things with it:
  • stamp on it
  • color it with re-inkers
  • cut into shapes with a cookie cutter
  • cut into shapes with a scissors
  • heat emboss
  • add glitter
  • make it shine with Crystal Effects
Can you think of things I missed?

Its a little hard to see, but the flowers on these barrettes are different colors. 

Stampin'UP!'s mold for Polymer ClayColoring the clay: Coloring is easy - just put a lump of clay in a baggie, add a few drips of re-inker and squish. The kids will really have fun with this part! The baggie is important for keeping kids hands clean.

Getting the shape: the kids can have fun shaping the clay into any design they want - just like regular clay. The flowers on these hair clips were made with one of Stampin'UP!'s clay molds.

When they've got the shape right let it dry.
NOTE: this clay will be somewhat soft and pliable when dry.

Hair Barettes decorated with Polymer Clay
Getting the sparkle:

WARNING: the heat tool is really hot. Kids should be supervised when using this tool. 

This is such a great kids project because the kids will have fun making it and fun wearing it. 

And best of all, the clay and the molds are both on sale this week (through Tuesday - there's always new deals every Tuesday). Check out everything on sale this week here.

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