Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Paper Roses with the New Spiral Die

Card made with Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower DieDo you like adding a 3D element to a project?  Have you ever tried making paper roses? Look what a gorgeous embellishment the flower makes on this card.  

Your friends will just gush in amazement when you hand deliver this stunning card.

If you've tried making 3D flowers in the past then you've probably punched or cut a lot of pieces. Stampin'UP! has just released a new die that cuts the paper with one pass through your die cutting machine. One quick crank and you're ready to roll the flower.

This sample was made by a fellow demonstrator: Norma Artman.  Norma brought an amazing variety of projects she made with the new Spiral Flower Die

Norma's projects included hair bows, cards, a flower in a vase, a decorated lamp shade, place cards, wall art and more.
Projects made with Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower Die

Norma Demonstrating how to use Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower Die

Cards made with Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower Die

Cards made with Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower Die

These cards are so, so pretty.  We all got to try making one - and I must say, it was really easy to roll the paper into the flower shape. I think using the die cut paper makes all the difference because its sized and shaped correctly.  

The die works with all kinds of paper and with fabric. Look at this beautiful wall art Norma made for Valentine's Day. Norma colored our Rhinestones with a red Sharpie to add to the white felt flowers. This was my favorite project, I loved the single red rose amongst all the white ones.

Valentine Wall art made with Stampin'UP!'s Spiral Flower Die

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