Saturday, December 3, 2011

STAMPING OFF: 2-Step Stamping with Gently Falling

The stamp set "Gently Falling" is a 2-step stamp set.  It's featured in the current Holiday Mini Catalog. (see the mini catalog on-line here). A 2-step stamp set comes with 2 matching images and is intended for you to stamp one on top the other.

If you love the outdoors you'll love the variety of leaf shapes in this set. And the fact that it has the acorn and maple seed images.

With 2-step stamping you want to find a way to distinguish the 2 different images. One way would be to color the veins of the leaf a different color from the body of the leaf. If you follow this blog then you'll recognize these 2 projects from previous posts.
Card made by StampLadyKatie with Stampin'UP! set: Gently Falling   Card made by StampLadyKatie with Stampin'UP! set: Gently Falling
When you want both the leaf and the veins to be the same color then try Stamping Off

The technique of stamping off involves stamping more than one time without re-inking. Each subsequent stamp you make will be lighter than the one before. In this sample both the veins and the leaf body were stamped in the same color!  To make this image the veins were stamped full strength. The body of the leaf was stamped off before applying over the veins so it would be lighter and the veins would stand out. Stamping off is a fun technique. Watch for another stamping off sample with this set soon.

And if you like the idea of 2-step stamping then consider a 2-step set called Green House Garden. Check out the 2-step stamping with this set.

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