Saturday, April 24, 2021

Coloring with Bleach?!

Bleach and papercrafting - did that catch your attention? 

Before I show you today's project, let me take a minute to list some of the other ways to color a project. Stampin'Up! carries a variety of different coloring tools. 

  • Some tools are colored themselves:
    . . . like the markers, watercolor pencils and embossing powders.

  • Others are designed to move the color around on the paper
    . . . like blending brushes, sponges, blender pens and water brushes

  • you can even create colored images by stamping on colored paper
    . . . like I did on this Magnolia Card and with this floral background stamp

Bleach is different. Instead of adding color it removes it. Colored paper is made by dying the paper fibers. Bleach removes some of that dye. 

Which means the end result will be different depending on what color paper you start with

Image from Stampin'Up!'s Field Journal stamp set - colored with bleach in a water painter

v\Image from Stampin'Up!'s Field Journal stamp set - colored with bleach in a water painter

Bleach is also messy!  As in you need to keep it contained. As in no stray spills or drips because it looks like water but isn't and will do serious damage to other projects or clothes if it accidentally gets where you don't want it. (ask me how I know)

Stampin'Up! Water Brushes, sold in a set of 3

Therefore I strongly suggest using a tool like a Water Brush

Stampin'Up! sells these in a set of 3. You get a wide brush, and 2 sizes of a pointed brush.

The advantage of using a tool like this is that the bleach is contained in the barrel which significantly reduces your risk of a stray drop causing unintended damage

Give this technique a try and let me know how it worked. Or if you've done bleach stamping before leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope I've inspired you to get out your craft supplies and make something INKcredible!

. . . have an INKcredible day

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