Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creating Depth: Overlapping and Masking

Balloons are a festive way to celebrate any occasion: birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation . . . you name it.
Celebrate Card made with Stampin'UP!'s Balloon Adventures Stamp Set

Creating Depth: The thing I want to point out with this card is the overlap of the images. For the card we stamped the yellow balloons on the card face. Then I stamped the red balloon on scrap paper and punched it out and layered it on top the yellow balloons. Using foam dimensional pieces its raised up a bit as well as overlapping the yellow balloons to give a sense of depth to the card.

Envelope decorated  with Stampin'UP!'s Balloon Adventures Stamp SetI stamped my envelope too!

Notice the difference between these 2 envelopes? You can't use the foam dimensionals on the outside of the envelope, they'd get torn off in the delivery process. 

For the top envelope I stamped one balloon over the other including the string and the bow. I thought it looked way too busy and messy.  

For the 2nd envelope I "masked" the red balloon.  That is, I stamped the red balloons first. Then I punched a scrap balloon shape and covered the red balloon image to protect it while I stamped the yellow balloon and its string and bow on top the space. when I lifted off the scrap balloon the red one appears on top. Voila! Instant dimension in 2D that won't get destroyed going through the mail.

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