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Friday, September 19, 2014

Blendabilities: Alcohol Markers Make a Smoother Image

Stampin'UP! has a new line of markers: Blendabilities! Blendabilities are alcohol markers, especially designed for blending colors. Alcohol markers make a much smoother image when coloring. If you're someone who likes to color in a line image then you're going to absolutely love these new markers.

Stampin'UP!'s  Blended Bloom Stamp
Card made with Stampin'UP!'s Blended Bloom stamp and colored with the new Blendability alcohol markers.
Card made by Suzanne Askey

made with Stampin'UP!'s Blended Bloom stamp and colored with the new Blendability alcohol markers. The stamp used here is Blended Bloom, which is a very pretty line image, and perfect for coloring with markers. Just look how well the colors blend here.

Alcohol Markers are easier to blend 
because of the nature of the inks.
  • With water based inks  the color quickly sinks into the paper and the pigment becomes embedded in the fibers. 
  • With alcohol inks the pigment sits on top the paper and is easily pushed around for smoother blending.

And the best thing about these new Blendability Markers 
is they match Stampin'UP!'s fabulous colors!

Stampin'UP! sells the Blendabilities in sets of three. 
Pick your color and get 3 markers - medium, dark and light - 
and ensure that everything matches: inks, paper, and embellishments.
Stampin'UP!'s Blendability Alcohol Markers
Color matching is very important to me in my crafting. so I was really excited when Stampin'UP! announced they'd be selling alcohol markers. The name 'Blendatilibites' just says it all. If you haven't tried alcohol markers yet you're going to be very impressed. 

Order yours here:
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