Sunday, February 16, 2014

Partial Embossing with the Textured Boutique Machine

Texture embossed get well card made with Stampin'UP!'s Square Lattice embossing folder
Do you love texture embossing as much as I do?  This card would be so different without the texture embossing. Texture takes a project from plain to wow!  

This texture pattern was made with Stampin'UP!'s Square Lattice embossing folder.  Don't you think it looks like gauze, or a bandaid?  Perfect for a "get well" card.

But . . . have you ever tried to stamp on textured paper? I love the look of a texture embossed background - but it is challenging to stamp on it. The ink covers the raised areas but doesn't get into the low areas.

You can see the solution on this card 
. . . . only emboss part of the paper!

The Big Shot embossing and die cutting machine sold by Stampin'UP!And, its super easy to do partial embossing.  Just leave the paper partway out of the folder when you pass it through the machine.

Stampin'UP! sells 2 machines for texture embossing:
   1.  The Big Shot - which does BOTH embossing and die cutting
   2.  The Texture Boutique - which only does embossing.

How to do Partial embossing with Stampin'UP!'s Texture Boutique embossing machine
You want the Big Shot if you think you'll be doing any die cutting. There are smaller machines on the market, but I'd recommend going with this one because at some point you're going to fall in love with a larger die that won't work in your smaller machine and then you'll be kicking yourself for not choosing the Big Shot to start with.

You want the Texture Boutique Machine if you just want an affordable way to do texture embossing. And I do mean affordable - it does only half what the Big Shot does but it costs a full 2/3 less!  At $29.95 this is definitely affordable!

Its easy to do partial embossing with either machine.  This photo shows how I made this card with the Texture Embossing Machine. You just insert the paper only partway into the folder and then roll it through the machine - voila!

Oh, and an added bonus: if you take your crafting with you when you travel you're really going to love how light weight the Texture Boutique is. 

This video shows how easy it is to use the Texture Boutique (item #132657)

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