Friday, October 11, 2013

Wow: a $25 purchase gets you the Demonstrator Discount

For 2 weeks a $25 purchase gets you the demonstrator discount
Buy $26.95 of product as the "Starter Kit", pay only $25.

This is a FREE TRIAL as a Demonstrator
You'll get the product you paid for, Plus:
Free Business Supplies
and the 20% discount* on all purchases for the next 3 months.
just $25 to try it and it includes your product

Interested?  Keep reading.
If not, scroll to the bottom to see ideas for 2 cards made with the Too Kind Stamp Set

Stampin'UP!'s Starter Kit Special **Does a 20% discount sound interesting?
**Have you been thinking of becoming a demonstrator?
**or thinking of having friends over for stamping
   and maybe teaching them some of what you know?

 This limited time option was made for you
NO OBLIGATION for anything.
For $25 you get to try it out - AND you get the product. 

Actually, for $25 you'll get $26.95 of product,
plus a 3 month TRIAL of Demonstrator Perks

Why would you not spend $25 to get $26.95 of product
and the option for 3 months of a 20% discount???
If you've been thinking of making a $26.95 purchase anyway
then definitely buy it now as the Starter Kit,
pay only $25 and get FREE SHIPPING to boot!
Doesn't this seem like a "no brainer!"?
Offer ends Oct 21st

You may be thinking that $26.95 isn't very much . . . but just look at these 2 cards made with a set called Too Kind.  This is a beautiful 2-Step Stamp Set and its only $14.95 clear mount or $19.95 wood mount.  That still gives you left over money to get some gorgeous ribbon like this Crochet Trim or Linen Thread.

Card made with Stampin'UP! set: Too Kind, a 2-step stamp set  Card made with Stampin'UP! set: Too Kind, a 2-step stamp set

How to access the Stampin'UP! Clearance Rack You can pick your $26.95 worth of product
from 3 different places:

Contact me with any questions
But don't wait - this Demonstrator Trial Offer ends Oct 21st.

*Ahh . . . You noticed the small red asterisk and wondered. Yes, its a 20% discount on all purchases for the next three months.

But it can actually be MORE:
*you get a 30% discount on your first order
  if that order is at least $150 and placed within 45 days.
*and you can combine that 30% discount with the October Hostess Promotion
  for an additional $25 of free product.
Just a thought . . .

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