Thursday, July 4, 2013

Digital 4th of July Card

Happy 4th of July!

This card was made using Stampin'UP!'s digital crafting software.  If you're not familiar with this software its called My Digital Studio. See samples of projects made with MDS HERE.

The reason I made this card digital instead of with paper is because the colors are more vibrant on the black background. With real paper the ink tends to sink into the paper and on a black background the fireworks wouldn't stand out as much. Don't you think a 4th of July card needs to really "pop".

Wondering about printing?  With the My Digital Studio program you have 2 printing options.  You can print your projects on your printer at home or order professionally printed copies on-line.  With this card I'd have them printed because with the black background they'd use way too much printer ink. 

Today really is a day to relax and celebrate and I hope you are able to enjoy it with friends and family.  For me part of the relaxing is sitting in my craft area and doing a little creating - both real and digital.

One of the advantages of digital crafting is that you don't have supplies spread out everywhere. You can hop on the computer and spend a few moments getting something started, there's no mess to clean up and you can easily come back and alter things without having wasted any project materials.

Does digital crafting sound like something fun? I think the program is really fun to use. You can buy it on-line and download it immediately. And its only $19.95 for the whole program! Get your copy HERE.

Happy Stamping and Happy 4th of July

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