Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Foam Can Koozie

Fun foam Can Koozie made with Die Cut flowers
Can Koozie - what a weird word.  I even did a Google search to see if I was spelling it correctly. Anyway, this was my 3D Trade for our Demo event yesterday - a Can Koozie made from Fun Foam.

The flowers  were cut with the Big Shot Fun Flowers Die. I was really pleased with how well the Big Shot handled the Fun Foam. I could easily cut 3 pieces at a time. 

The flowers are held on by an Antique brad. The legs of the brad are long enough to go through all three flower layers and the band that wraps around the can.

Fun foam Can Koozie made with Die Cut flowers
 The construction was pretty easy

1. I cut a rectangle long enough to go
    around the cans.

2. Die cut the flowers
    and adhere them to the rectangle with
    the brad

Fun foam Can Koozie made with Die Cut flowers3.  Die cut a black circle and adhere with
     a small black brad

4.  Apply Sticky Velcro Dots to the outside of
     the can wrap and the inside of the black

This is a quick easy project that would be tons of fun for kids to make. And it goes quickly so children will be able to complete it in a single sitting.

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