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How to Make Crystal Effects Eyeballs

Card made with Stampin'UP!'s stamp set: By the Tide and Crystal Effects eyeballsDo you own a bottle of Crystal Effects?  If so here's one more way you can use it.  Make Eyeballs!

The images on this card are from a stamp set called By the Tide.  The images in this set are so beautiful and realistic, its one of my favorite sets in the Spring Mini Catalog

For this card I wanted a way to highlight the fish's eye.  Because the fish image itself is so realistic I didn't want to use the little shaker "googlie" eyes.  Realistic and cutsie wouldn't mix well on this card. 

So I made my own eye balls using Crystal Effects. 
The eye is very subtle, it doesn't jump out at you, but you can really see the difference it makes with and without the eye.
Fish image from Stampin'UP!'s stamp set: By the Tide and Crystal Effects eyeballs

Stampin'UP!'s Crystal EffectsCrystal Effects is a liquid "Dimensional Glaze".  
  • The Crystal Effects bottle has an easy applicator tip
  • The liquid is clear, so color shows through
  • Crystal Effects is very "viscous" - i.e. thick.  It holds its shape as it dries and doesn't run
  • You can also use Crystal Effects as a glue!
 Use this anytime you want a glossy look to a project. Its a similar look to clear heat embossing, but without the need for a heat gun.

Plus, you can put the Crystal Effects on just part of the stamped image whereas with heat embossing you'd end up embossing everything on the stamp. You can see what I mean on this cupcake image and this clock face.

Are you wondering how I made it into Eyeballs?  Super easy, but it does take time to dry.  Just put droplets of Crystal Effects onto Wax Paper and then use a toothpick to add a tiny speck of black re-inker to the center of each dome.  Be sure to let it dry a long time, at least 24 hours, before you try to use them.  Then pick them up with a toothpick or something sharp and move them onto your project.  Mine were still sticky on the underside and I didn't even need to do anything special to adhere them to the card.

If I had needed an adhesive, I'd have used a toothpick to add a little more Crystal effects to the bottom of the eyeball.  Crystal Effects is also a glue!

How to make Crystal Effects Eyeballs Applying a Crystal Effects Eyeball to a stamped image of a fish
Stampin'UP! stamp set: By the Tide

What stamps do you have where you'd use these eyeballs?

I can think of tons of uses: Birds, dogs, cats, people, aliens, monsters, dinosaurs, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my . . .

Or maybe the seahorse from the By The Tide stamp set.

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Happy Stamping

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