Friday, December 9, 2011

Lay-Out Ideas - December Card #3

Participants at the December Stamp-a-Stack were offered choices. I had a model card out with a choice of sentiments. You could have turned the card into a Christmas/Holiday card or created a generic greeting card.

There was also some flexibility on the overall design, some more than others. We did 5 cards total. You can see Card #1 here, and Card #2 here. Turns out people seemed to like the opportunity to change up the designs a little and really take some ownership of the card.  

 This card offered 2 main choices -  a choice of which stamp image to use and a choice of lay-out: vertical or horizontal.

This card challenge really illustrates the advantages of buying stamps in sets.  You can create 1 design and then interchange the images to make different cards. These images were from a stamp set called Easy Events.

We also played with Crystal Effects. This stamp set is so cute. I managed to find the perfect place to add just a little bit of Crystal Effects on each different image. And its perfect for the clock face on the coo-coo clock.


What stamp sets do you own that could work with this design?  What colors would you choose to use with the stamps?  Lets get those creative juices flowing.

Today is Friday so here is a Weekend Challenge for you. If you have time to play this weekend, try playing with these designs.  Send me pictures of your projects this week and I'll publish them on this website next weekend.
**Please send only photos with Stampin'UP! stamp sets.
**Your dimensions don't have to match exactly what I've shown.
**Use 2 stripes of 2 different colors and a layered central image.
**You can make your sample vertical or horizontal.
**Use what ever embellishments you want.
**The stripes can be centered or off-set (see the two images above). Play with it and and have fun and let me see what you make.

Send your samples to: along with your first name and last name and city and state. I'll give credit by first and last name or first name only if you prefer, just let me know.

Happy Stamping
Here to help make your stamping experience more productive and more fun.

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