Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are You Counting the Days?

Stampin'UP!'s INK-redible Ink DealThis is the season when people often count the days
  *how many days to Christmas
    (the answer is 14 days left! - is your shopping done?)
  *how many days to the New Year
    (the answer is 24 - got your party plans set?)
  *the days of Hanukkah
    (the answer is 8 - and Hanukkah is NOW - Dec 8-16 this year)
  *how many days to Sale-a-Bration
    (the answer is 42 - Sale-a-Bration starts Jan 22)
  *days left of the INK-redible ink pad offer
    (the answer is 5 - this offer ends Dec 16th)

Old Felt Ink PadWhat do your ink pads look like?

When felt base ink pads get old

1. The surface becomes uneven
    . . . which makes it harder to ink the stamps

2. They start to fray and get loose threads
    and the layers begin to separate
    . . . both of which makes them dry out faster

Stampin'UP!'s INK-redible new foam padThe New Foam Pads

1.  Keep the ink nearer the surface
     . . . so it inks the stamp more effectively

2.  They are juicer      . . . which means you can
      use them for embossing (like Versamark).
     Use CLEAR embossing powder
     and you can now emboss in ANY color!

Are your ink pads getting old?

Would you like more ink pads in different colors?

Yeah, maybe, so what is this INK-redible Ink Pad thing?
You get 10 FREE ink pads (either the Brights, the Regals or the Subtles) when you Join Stampin'UP!

Hmm . . . What does that mean? "Join Stampin'UP!"
It means you Buy the Starter Kit.  You can use it to start a business as a demonstrator -OR- you can use it to start (or enhance) your hobby of stamping. Yep, buy the starter kit with NO OBLIGATION to buy anything else.  Opportunities yes, obligation no.

OK, I'm listening.  What do I get?
This is the cool part. You pay only $99 (oh, and by the way, there is also NO SHIPPING charged on the Starter Kit).  Ok, so you pay only $99 (plus tax of course) BUT you get to choose up to $125 worth of product - ANY product you want from either the Main Catalog, or the Spanish Catalog or the Holiday Mini Catalog. AND through Dec 16th you'll also get the FREE ink pads which is another $49.95 value.  Really,  $175 worth of stuff for only $99!  This is the Holiday Gift I'd like to give to myself!

And it gets even better:  Because we are so close to the change over of the catalog, you could also use your $125 to buy things from the new Spring Catalog. I've mailed this new catalog out to my regular customers. If you don't have one yet just let me know and I'll get you a copy so you can see if there are things you'd like to choose from it.

Keep talking - do I get anything besides the stuff I buy? . . . Of Course!
  • Discounts on Purchases: For the next 6 months you'll get 20% off of any future purchases.  And if you buy $150 worth of product within  the first 45 days after you buy the kit you'll get 30% off of that one purchase.
  • Access to exclusive websites with ideas and how-to information. Stampin'UP! has one site and I maintain a second website for people on my Team.
  • Networking Opportunities: The opportunity to trade and network with other demonstrators to get project ideas and to increase your knowledge of stamping skills and techniques
Let me get this straight
  • I pay $99 (plus tax), and get $175 worth of product
  • no shipping charges
  • and for 6 months I get a 20% discount, but I don't HAVE to buy anything
  • if my first order is over $150 within 45 days I actually get 30% discount (but I don't have to do this)
  • I get access to the demo only ideas websites - even if I never make any other purchases
Yes indeed - that's it,  plain and simple. 
Do you have $125 worth of product on your wish list?

OK - I'm gonna do it.  How do I start? - - (and YES, I'll  do this before the 16th)
GO TO THIS SITE and click JOIN THE FUN on the left side of the page.
You can download a set of step-by-step instructions here.

I think you'll be glad you Joined Stampin'UP!  And I know you'll love the new Ink Pads

Happy Stamping

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