Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ideas for Mass Producing Home Made Christmas Cards

 Are you someone who likes to send home made Christmas Cards? My Grandfather always sent home made holiday greetings. He hand drew the cards and had them printed off and then colored them all himself. This is one from one of his later years. He did this right up until his death.

I have kept and treasured every one of them.

In the Stampin’UP! world we have 2 choices for homemade Christmas cards. The traditional method is to hand stamp or punch all the elements. Our other option is to create a digital card and have them printed.

The card to the right is for the fans of traditional stamping. This would be a good candidate for mass production. The 2 snowflakes are die cut and the Big Shot can easily cut 2 -3 pieces of paper at a time. The white piece is embossed and the white paper is thin enough that you can emboss 2 pieces of paper at the same time. The scallop hole is punched. But don’t try to punch more than 1 sheet of paper at a time, you could ruin your punch.

Why would this be good for mass production? Because it follows rule #1 of “Katie’s Rules for Mass Production” – it’s a simple card.
Rule #1 = KEEP IT SIMPLE. Each time you add an additional layer or bow or stamped image it adds to the total time to prepare the batch.
Rule #2 = STAMP FIRST, THEN GLUE Its so frustrating to get everything assembled perfectly and then mess up with the final act of stamping a sentiment. For this card I stamped the sentient on all the cards before I glued on the white piece or the snowflakes.

Rule #3 = BUILD IT ASSEMBLY LINE FASHION (rather than one card at a time). For this card I cut all the snowflakes. Then I embossed and punched all the white pieces. Then I stamped all my sentiments and finally glued it all together.

Now, if you’re a fan of digital stamping and scrapping then you’re gonna love this! Stampin’UP! has just reduced prices on all printed products. Here's whats published on the MyDigitalStudio help site:

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve lowered all of our My Digital Studio print product prices—permanently! That’s right. Now you can print your photobooks, cards, calendars, and other projects for less. You’ll notice some have even been lowered up to 50 percent! The quality of our print products is top in the industry, and now our prices are competitive with the other big online printing companies too!

To access the lower prices, make sure to get the latest update for your MDS 2 software—even if you’re using the trial version. Just go to Help and then Check for Updates and in a couple minutes you’ll be all set.
Are you familiar with the Stampin'UP! Software?  Its called MyDigitalStudio. Version 2 was just released this summer.  I have to say it is fun to play with. And there is a whole other world out there of digital stampers/scrappers who are showing off their talent and ready to help you develop yours. You can access this help at

And if you are not familiar with Stampin’UP!’s digital software you can try it for free for 30 days. Follow the link and download your free trial version.  Then email me and tell me how you like it.

One final rule
Rule #4:  Whether you are a traditional card maker or digital, either way START EARLY!

Happy Stamping
And remember Stampin'UP!'s Holiday Gift to you: 


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