Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stamping Technique: Masking

The featured technique for the August Stamp classes was Masking.  The concept of a "mask" is that you cover something, in this case you cover it to protect it.

To create the mask, stamp your image on scrap paper and cut it out.  Actually, I like using a Post-It because the post-it is sticky and will stay where I put in on my project. It can also be peeled off without damaging the project.

To use the Mask, stamp your image on the project, cover it with the Post-It and then stamp over the Post-It. 

Here is my 3 and a half minute video showing how its done

The technique of Masking is most useful when you want to stamp a scene where it looks like "things" have been tossed one on top the other: flower arrangements are a common use for this technique. In the case of our August project we did sea shells tossed up on a beach.

And speaking of the beach:  Check this photo.  We made sand on the bottom of the project and then added  some Dazzling Details (Stampin'UP!'s glitter glue in a bottle) to make the sand look wet.

We started out making the sand with the Color Spritzer tool.  But with so many people all doing the same thing the marker got too dry so we ended up just making dots by hand with the fine point marker tip.  It was equally effective.

Contact me with any questions.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced stamper, I love talking stamping.  Email me today or leave a comment below.

Happy Stamping

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