Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lay-Out Template

Do you have a favorite card lay-out? People often ask how I come up with ideas for cards and the simple answer is that I often see a lay-out I like and then change the colors or change the stamp set. And I keep a file of Lay-out Templates like this one.

This is a very simple lay-out that's easy to re-use.
  • The card is divided in half
  • There is a design feature that separates the top and bottom
  • There's 1 main focal point in the middle
  • There is a small sentiment at the bottom.

This is the same lay-out used on the card from yesterday's post. Of course the colors are different and I changed up several other features.
  • The design feature separating top from bottom is a stamp today (set: Creative Elements), yesterday it was a ribbon
  • The main focal point is a Butterfly today ("fussy cut" image from a set called: Creative Elements).
    Yesterday the focal point was a floral piece made mostly from punches.
So, how would YOU make this card?  What stamp set would you use?  What would you use to separate top from bottom?  Would you score the bottom half or use DSP? or simply use a different color piece of paper?  Its time to get out the stamps and play.

Happy Stamping

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