Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WOW! Demonstration: a 2-4-6-8 Box

There were some great WOW! demonstrations at the Regional this weekend. Four different demonstrators were asked to share a special project. In past years they've done this on stage  and then disappeared into the crowd. This year they were set-up in booths with an overhead mirror. We could get "up close and personal" and ask questions while they worked. The over head mirror really helped to see what they were doing. WOW! What a great way to do things.
One of the demonstrators showed how to make these cute boxes. She used the Simply Scored tool to score an 8-1/2" piece of paper at 2", 4", 6" and 8". The box was then a 2" square. The other dimension depends on how tall you want the box to be.

These boxes are really easy to make. I can't wait to start making them. And she had so many  different variations. . . tall, short, some had handles, some were closed on top, some had a flap lid, some had acetate windows in the side, some had lacy top edges. This was indeed a WOW!

Do you see the same possibilities I do?  I can just see so many uses for these boxes. We will definitely be doing one of these easy boxes for the Easter Stamp Camp on March 25th. Are you signed up for this yet?  You can register on-line HERE And remember to bring a camera with you. I'll have a big display of the trade cards I got in Milwaukee.

Happy Stamping

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