Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be a Demonstrator to be a Better Stamper

Trade Cards from our Demonstrator Meeting
Trade Cards from our Demonstrator MeetingI invite you to think seriously about the current offer from Stampin'UP! The offer is to join - as a demonstrator - at the regular price, and get either a FREE BIG SHOT or $100 of free merchandise from the catalog. Why should you think about this? One reason is to become a better Stamper. We learn from each other. Look at the pictures running down the side of this post. These represent trades I got at our local demo group last weekend. In other words, I came home with all these cards!  And do you notice that some of these trades are 3D items and some are 6x6 Scrapbook pages. Using them as models in hand will help me improve my skills and be a better stamper.

And if you are not local, you can still get the trades. We had several people trading at this event who were not actually present, they just sent their trades in and will receive all these goodies in the mail.

Trade Cards from our Demonstrator MeetingAs a stamper I love having all these ideas IN HAND! I may not own all the stamp sets personally, but when I have these samples it gives me ideas for lay-outs and color combinations to use with the stamps I do own. And I love getting the cards that are cut in an unusual way or have unusual folds. Having those samples to study is so helpful as I make my own projects. As a demonstrator it gives me samples to show to my customers.

Trade Cards from our Demonstrator MeetingIf you are worried about where to get customers? 
First of all you don't actually have to have customers. There is a difference between a hobby demo and a business demo. Hobby demonstrators join for the discount. Business Demos join to make money.

Now, if you do want a customer base then just think of the friends you currently give your cards to and show your cards to. Have you ever asked them to come stamp with you just for fun? Have you ever asked them to come to a workshop that you are attending? Have you invited them as a guest to a workshop you hosted? Have you ever asked them if they wanted to add anything to an order you were already placing? 

Trade Cards from our Demonstrator MeetingWhen you join Stampin'UP! you get so much support. The company itself provides some, but I am there to help you think through possibilities and generate ideas. My success depends on how well I support you. People who sign up with me also have access to an exclusive training website where I post stamping ideas and business ideas.

Joining Stampin'UP! is a growth experience. When I first joined my goal was to become a better stamper. I really was not even thinking about the business aspect. I've certainly achieved that first goal. I'm amazed when I go back and look at the difference between the cards I make now and the cards I was making when I first started.

Gradually as I progressed with my stamping skills my goals changed. For some folks, they develop their skills and find they no longer need the support offered by the demonstrator community and they move on in life. I know several people who started when I did who are no longer demonstrators. For me, the joy of sharing what I do prompted me to change my goals to develop this into a business. Thats where I'm at now.  I invite you to join me in this venture. I can help you meet what ever your goals are.

What ARE your goals? 
  • Do you just want to be a better stamper?
  • Do you want to join a community of talented stampers?
  • Is there a potential business in your future?
For more information about this opportunity visit the Stampin'UP! site
and please, contact me with your questions and concerns (608-220-3450). This opportunity really could be right for you. But get your questions answered NOW because the Free Big Shot or $100 is only for the month of October.


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