Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Removing Unwanted Adhesive

Did you ever get the adhesive tape somewhere where you didn't want it?  When adhering 2 layers together you should always put the adhesive on the smaller of the 2 pieces, but occasionally someone forgets and puts it on the larger piece. If they put the adhesive too close to the edge of the larger piece, then when the smaller piece is attached you have sticky adhesive showing on the exposed edge of the larger layer behind it. Stampin'UP!'s Adhesive Eraser solves the problem. A little rubbing and that unwanted adhesive comes right off.

Well . . . I made a wonderful discovery today. Both my grown daughters have moved out and we are in the process of painting their rooms. Turns out both girls had used copious amounts of scotch tape to attach things to the walls in their rooms. Had to remove the tape before painting, it would have left a shape image on the wall. I could peel the cellophane part off, but the sticky was still there. It took me only a minute to think of our Adhesive Eraser. Sure enough, it worked perfectly.

It was actually very easy to do, it didn't take much rubbing at all. It did still leave some discoloration on the wall, but I was prepping it for painting anyway. The bonus is that it removed the sticky. The paint covered up the color and there was no tell-tale image where the tape had been. Who'd have thunk?  Glad I had that little gem on hand because otherwise I'd have been scraping with a blade and possibly even ended up damaging the wall.

The Adhesive Eraser (item #103684) is a handy item to have in your work area. Sometimes I'll get a little extra adhesive tape around the edge of little punched pieces or showing through the holes in a punched border. This little baby does the trick. And its also come in handy a few times to get me FREE merchandise and hostess benefits. Yep! Demonstrators get hostess benefits if we place a qualifying order. There have been times when my order has totaled a little less than $150 and by adding in the eraser at only $3.50 it was enough to reach the $150 level for an order that qualifies for Hostess Benefits. That little investment of $3.50 for the eraser earned me $25 in Hostess Dollars to spend on ANYTHING in the catalog. That's smart shopping!

Are you starting to think about Hostess Benefits for yourself?
*Begin by checking your supply of consumables: paper, adhesives, ink.
  Be sure to check your 12x12 designer papers - remember the August special
  Buy-3-Get-1-Free special on Designer paper.

  Now is a great time to stock up on Designer Series papers.
*Next: What's on your wish list? Any Big Ticket items?  Combine something from your wish list
  with some Designer Papers, place your order on-line and have it delivered to your house.
And remember to add an Adhesive Eraser if you don't have one.

Happy Stamping

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