Monday, July 11, 2011

Stamp Versatility

This post is about the stamp set called Awash with Flowers and the versatility of this set.

First this set was made for 2-step stamping - you'll notice that each leaf shape and flower shape has 2 stamps. One is an outline and the other is a bold solid stamp.  You stamp the outline and then over-stamp with the solid stamp.

You have several different flower shapes to choose from. The fact that the flower heads are not attached to the stems adds to the versatility of this set. Check out these 2 images. We made the card on the left at the Stamp-a-Stack this weekend. One of the stampers accidently stamped her flower "upside down" and got the card in the middle (thanks Barb).  Then I started playing with it a little more and stamped the flower twice to get the card on the right.

So what do you think?  Petals down?  Petals up?  Or stamp the petals twice for a full flower effect?  Leave a comment below with your choice.

I like the subtle neutral color combination on this card. These are made using River Rock as the card face, framed in Basic Black and mounted on a Whisper White card stock.

The petals are stamped in Stampin'UP!'s Whisper White, which is a Craft ink so it takes a little longer to dry. Now, speaking of inking the petals - if you look up at the image for the stamp set you'll see that the petals AND the center of the flower are all one stamp, yet this card has them in 1 colors, white for the petals and black for the flower  center.  The trick is to ink the whole stamp in white, then use a Q-tip or Kleenex to remove the ink from the flower center and re-ink it with a black marker.

This card was finished off with 3 black brads and a sentiment from a stamp set called Short and Sweet.

Our yard is starting to really look like a garden. Perhaps I was inspired by some daisies I planted last week. I am out there every day working on things because my youngest decided to have her Sept wedding here in our yard!  Despite the constant need for tending its actually a lot of fun. There are many similarities between gardening and stamping - creative placement of elements, playing with color and texture.  Love it.

Hope you are also finding time for creative fun.
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