Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Technique - Spotlight Sponging

Inspiration = Fall colors:  This card is so similar to yesterday's post - I think that southern Wisconsin fall colors have taken over my brain.  The technique used on this card is similar to yesterday's card except that this time I just sponged color on the tree itself.  Isn't this a lovely tree image?  Its from a stamp set called: Thoughts and Prayers.  This set is shown in the main catalog on page 150, item# 113252.  The sentiments in this set work well for sympathy cards and get well cards.  I did not use a sentiment on this card so I can use it for any occasion.

Technique Talk: Color Just like yesterday's card, I sponged on the color.  Yesterday I just stamped the tree image.  On this card I embossed the tree.  Notice all the little black spots on this card?  I put them there on purpose.  I felt the card was just too crisp, bright white and clean with out them.  The tool I used to place the spots was the Color Spritzer Tool. (catalog page 195)  This tool is essentially a little air gun, you clamp a marker into it and squeeze the bulb and it splatters color onto the paper.

Technique Talk: Lay-Out  Notice that the brads are in a perfect line parallel with the bottom edge of the paper and evenly spaced.  I'd love to tell you that I'm just good! But the truth is that I use the Mat Pack to line up the holes.  The Mat Pack is one of my top 5 Must Have Tools.  You can see the Mat Pack in the catalog on page 198 (item# 105826 - $9.95)

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