Tuesday, November 30, 2010

technique: Banded Spotlighting

Today's inspiration comes from our beautiful fall scenery.  I live in rural Stoughton but work in Madison so I have a beautiful scenic drive twice a day.  There is one corner where I round a hill and have a gorgeous view across a field with a big woods on the other side.  The leaves have all fallen now so I am now seeing just tree branches - like on this card.  But earlier this fall it was just a sea of oranges and reds and yellows, so I superimposed those colors across the bare branches on this card.

The technique is a variation on Spotlighting. In the spotlighting technique you basically have a black and white image and then color just one part. Most often the colored part is a circle shape - like the spotlight in a theatre production.  Here I made a band of color, hence me calling it "banded spotlighting". 

Black Brads (119736 $6.95 pagkage of 120, 20 each of 6 different colors - page 187)
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sponges (for applying the color) (item#101610 - $3.50 pkg 3 - page 195)
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