Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Stitched Lace Background Die

There are a variety of ways to dress up the background of a card. Today I'm sharing 2 projects made with the Stitched Lace background die.

Card made with StampinUp's Stitched Lace background die.

Doesn't that make a pretty background? The lacy background die makes this card look very elegant and fancy. In reality the construction is very simple. Its one die cut for the background with 2 flowers and some leaves and a sentiment.

What flowers would you put on this card?  Here's a second card with the same background and different flowers.

Card made with StampinUp's Stitched Lace background die.

These two cards were made by my friend and team member, Gloria Oelke.  Gloria decorated her envelopes to match. Do you decorate your envelopes? Its pretty easy to add a stamp to either the front or back of the envelope and its another way to dress up a card.  When you get a pretty envelope its a clue that there's something pretty inside.

Card made with StampinUp's Stitched Lace background die. Card made with StampinUp's Stitched Lace background die.

Thank-you Gloria for sharing your beautiful cards. I'm glad you're on our team.

Are you wondering about the term "team member", how one becomes a team member and why you'd want to be a team member?

HOW? The how is very easy. You simply buy the Stampin'UP! Starter Kit. Gloria bought the kit through me and therefore she is on my team. 

WHY? There are several very good reasons why you'd want to be on the team. 
  1. Discount: First you get a 20% discount on all purchases from Stampin'UP! as long as you are an active team member. 
  2. Resources: Second you're part of an exclusive Facebook group sharing lots of ideas, not just crafting. There is also a wealth of information on the demonstrator website as well as regular support from me.
  3. Sneak Previews: You also get to see and purchase new Stampin'UP! product a month before the general public 
  4. Gatherings: and you are invited to attend the big Stampin'UP! conferences as well as local demonstrator events.
  5. The Starter Kit is CUSTOMIZABLE! That means you're given a dollar amount and you select what ever product you want. 
  6. No Obligation: You may not have realized, but more than half the people who buy the Starter Kit do it just to get the discount. Stampin'UP! understands that. The demo site is full of business information to help you if you do decide to sell. But there is no obligation to sell.
And you get that 20% discount right from the start. The Starter Kit itself is discounted. You get to pick $125 of product and pay only $99. 

Actually you save even more because shipping is FREE on the Starter Kit.   

Is this now sounding too good to be true?  Its real. True, there are minimums, but the only consequence if you don't meet the minimum is that you lose the discount. Easy peasy.  Ask me for more info or click here to join now. Do you have $125 of product you want that you'd like to pay only $99 for?

The discount is great and a strong reason to join the company. The people are also great and maybe even a better reason to join. You get to interact both on-line and in-person with some super talented people like Gloria. Here's the link to purchase the Stitched Lace die in case you want to make a project like Gloria's beautiful cards.

I look forward to connecting with you soon to get you started with Stampin'UP!

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