Thursday, October 24, 2019

Monthly Craft Kit for October 2019

Stampin'UP! offers a monthly craft kit 
. . . it's called "Paper Pumpkin"

The name comes from Cinderella and the concept of taking something plain, like a pumpkin and turning it into something grand and wonderful like the carriage.

If you're wondering what the kits are like then watch this short video showing the October Kit.

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Q: are the kits always card kits?
A: no, because you can do all sorts of fun things with paper - check out the September kit which was cute halloween treat boxes

Q: can we see them before they ship?
A: no, the kits ship once a month and Stampin'UP! has the kits manufactured prior to shipping based on subscription projections.

Q: What do I do if I don't like the kit?
A: That's easy, use the parts to make other projects.  September's kit was Halloween treat boxes. I personally don't give treat boxes for Halloween, so I turned them into cards instead. You can see my alternate projects here.

BTW: There is a Facebook group dedicated to subscribers sharing their alternate projects and additional cards made with the monthly kit supplies.

Q: If I do like it can I buy past kits?
A: Yes . . . if you are a subscriber and if there are any left.

Q: Are there refills available?
A: Yes . . . subscribers can buy refills when they are available

Q: How much does it cost?
A: in the US only $22 plus tax (shipping is already factored into that price)

Q: What all do I get for that $22
  • a stamp set
  • a small ink pad
  • all the parts for the project: paper, ribbon, embellishments
  • and the shipping is part of that price

Q: can I do a trial  subscription?
A: yes, absolutely. There are no minimum purchases required with this subscription
There also are several pre-paid options available.

AND the cool thing is the subscription is flexible!
  • you can suspend a month if you don't want to receive a kit that month, or change the number of kits you get
  • there is no minimum number of kits you have to purchase. 

Q: Sounds good - how do I sign up?
A: Subscribe here . . . and when you subscribe through me you'll also get a monthly email with photos of my alternate projects using that month's kit supplies.

Contact me with any questions.  Thanks for stopping by and have an INKcredible day

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