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Stoughton, Wisconsin

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Rose Wreath Using Images from Cake Soiree

It helps to have the right tools - this is why I love my Stamparatus!

The rose wreath in this card is made by stamping the individual flower 8 times. The different colors are because 4 images are full strength ink and the other four were stamped without re-inking the stamp.

Rose image from Stampin'UP!'s Cake Soiree stamp set made into a wreath using a template with the Stamparatus.

I'm sure its possible to get a pleasing arrangement stamping by free-hand and eye-balling it, but that would be someone more talented than me. I used a neat little trick with my stamp positioner (the Stamparatus). It is so amazingly easy once you understand the concept.

This process works with any small stamp. Try it with flowers, hearts, stars, leaves . . . any thing. The template you create and the Stamparatus are the key to making this work.

Series of step-by-step photos shows how to use the Stamparatus to do Wreath Stamping

Rose image from Stampin'UP!'s Cake Soiree stamp set made into a wreath using a template with the Stamparatus.
This flower image as well as the leaves and the sentiment are all from the Cake Soiree Stamp set. Purchasing links for product used on this project are at the bottom of this post.

If you haven't browsed the Stampin'UP! store I encourage you to spend a little time there.  This is a great company with wonderful product.

I do receive commission on sales and I appreciate your business - thank-you.

I hope I've inspired you. I'm happy to answer questions about this or any other project. My email is in the header at the top of the page.



Carole said...

This time I used the computer instead of my phone and the images came up clearly. I'll try it! Thanks, Carole

Katie Johnson said...

Carole, I'm so glad it worked. I was a little worried when you described the problem. Glad it was just an issue of phone versus desktop.