Friday, October 16, 2015

Sympathy Card with Serene Silhouettes

Sympathy Card using Stampin'UP!'s Serene Silhouettes stamp setHere's a card we did in class last month.  Its a very simple sympathy card made with the Serene Silhouettes stamp set. There were some very intentional things I did on this card to make it a sympathy card.  You can tell me in a comment how effective you think it is.  Or maybe they're so subtle that it didn't even matter.

* First I included the Butterfly as a symbol of death and re-birth
*the black birds in silhouette on black branches set a somber tone
*the hole in the card drawing your vision through the paper to the inside was another symbol of transition

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this.

Here's the inside.  By the way, we used a Stamp Positioner (the Stamp-a-ma-Jig) to help ensure the image inside lined up with the hole.  If you don't know how to use a stamp positioner then download this PDF picture tutorial.  Its really easy and one of my "essential" tools.

Sympathy Card using Stampin'UP!'s Serene Silhouettes stamp set

One other comment on this card - and its one of the reasons I LOVE! Stampin'UP! Look closely at the "ribbon" on the card. Did you notice that only the bow is real ribbon.  The yellow strip is actually paper.  Folks, thats the reason you want to buy all your color stuff from one company - the paper, ink and all your embellishments will match perfectly.  I used paper here because I couldn't figure out how to wrap the ribbon around the thin Designer Paper without it being too lumpy.  

Stampin'UP!'s perfect color match of paper and ribbon

Thanks for Stopping by: If you see anything you like I'm happy to help you get the product or just to consult and explain further how the project was made.  Really, its all about having fun with our hobby.

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