Monday, October 7, 2013

How Long is Your Wish List?

Punch Art Halloween card with Cat and Owl (Stampin'UP! Punches)
Did you ever look at a cute project like this Punch Art Halloween Cat and get just a little bummed because you realize how many different punches and tools it took to make the project - and you just don't have all the tools?

How long is your wish list?  That long - really!?  Have I got a deal for you.  Well . . . OK, not me actually.  Stampin'UP! has a deal for you.

Most people who have a Wish List that's over $100 end up buying the Starter Kit. Why? Because the "kit" isn't really a kit.  You just buy things of your choice until you've used up the allotted amount. The amount is $125 but you pay only $99
...and shipping is FREE which adds to the savings.

Ask Anna, Pat, Rosalia, Staci, and Teri who all just bought the Kit within the last 2 weeks. Only 1 of these 5 people has any plans to be a demonstrator.
The others simply recognize a good deal when they see it.

Hmmm? you ask . . . "But isn't that just for demonstrators?NO, anyone can buy the Starter Kit, whether you want to be a demonstrator or not.  Isn't that cool! Anyone can take advantage of the savings! Anyone can be you!

AND (are you ready for this bonus savings?), the fact that you bought the Starter Kit means you automatically get a 20% discount on any future purchases for the next 3 months.  If you plan to keep reading this post then remember that important fact: 20% discount for 3 full months.

AND (are you ready for this other bonus savings?)  Demonstrators get Hostess Benefits too.  Another important fact to remember if you plan to keep reading.

But what if your list is really, really, really long?  Ahh - that's what we're talking about today. Stampin'UP! currently has 2 specials and if you combine them you can end up getting $340 worth of product for only $200.

That's some pretty interesting math, isn't it?!  So, you ask . . . How exactly do you get $140 worth of amazingly great, super fantabulous Stampin'UP! product for absolutely free.  

combine the Starter Kit special 
with the Hostess Special.
Punch art mask for a Halloween Cat

Turn the cat into a Halloween Cat 
by adding a Red Glimmer Paper Mask 
. . . which reminds me of a Mardi Gras mask 
. . . but that's another story.

How to make a Punch Art Halloween Cat with Mask
  • The Starter Kit Special - for the next 2 weeks only the Starter Kit has been reduced to only $25.  So you order $25 dollars worth of product (actually you can go up to $26.95). You'll pay tax but shipping is still FREE.
  • The Hostess Promotion - During October (the whole month) hostesses get an extra $25 free with any $250 order.  . . .  so what if you were the "hostess" for your own "party of 1" now that you're a "demonstrator"? 

    Get it?  Pay $25 for the Starter Kit and get $25 worth of product.
    Pay $175 for the $250 order plus get $40 worth of Hostess Benefits and the $25 October Special.  So you pay $175 to get $315 worth of product.
Are you with me so far?  Lets review the math: 
You've paid $25 + $175 and you get $25 + $250 + $25 (bonus) + $40 (Hostess Benefits)
YOUR state tax and shipping on the actual order will be extra of course.

Now, if you're checking my math then you've noticed a slight discrepancy. You realize that 20% of $250 is only a $50 discount, not a $75 discount.  Oops - I forgot to mention.  After you buy the Starter Kit, you actually get a 30% discount on your 1st order (if its over $150 and placed within the first 45 days).
So again I ask, How long is YOUR wish list... 
... is this the deal for you?  
If so click this button to Join Now

Click Here to Join Stampin'UP! and save $140

Contact me with any questions - by phone (608)220-3450 or email, - but don't hesitate. The opportunity to get $140 worth of Stampin'UP! product for FREE does not come along very often. This deal is only available for 2 weeks and if you wait you'll miss the deal.

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