Monday, July 15, 2013

Pillow Gifts for Convention Roommates

Convention is almost here. I'm so excited.  My roommates and I arrived yesterday for a few days of relaxation and stamping before the official event begins.  

This was my Monday "Pillow Gift" to my roomies.  Its a mint decorated with a heart - the heart of course is because we love stamping! And by the way, if you stamp with me at the community centers then you'll recognize the heart mint because I gave this to all my stampers in February.
Here we are in our hotel room working on downline gifts. My roommate Joyce is giving samples of new product as gifts to her group. These are my room mates Joyce and Lori packaging up the goodie bags for her downline.

Are you wondering what a "downline" is?  When you join a network marking business like Stampin'UP!  you join through another active demonstrator.  The person you sign-up with is your "upline" and you are their "downline". Its a neat way of providing support to new people who sign up with the company.

And there are lots of good reasons to join Stampin'UP! 
  1. If you want to start a business then Stampin'UP! is a fun way to make some extra money. And just like any other business the amount you make depends on how much time you put in.
  2. If you just want a discount on product - then definitely buy the Starter Kit and "join" Stampin'UP! You don't have to do parties or try to sell the product. Two of my downline  joined Stampin'UP! just for the discount and have formed a "buyer's group" with their friends. Contact me for more details on this idea.
  3. Would you like to be part of an active group of creative people to share ideas?  My group in the Madison Wisconsin area meets regularly to swap projects and trade idea.
There are other perks too - like access to exclusive websites with ideas for making projects and using the product. Contact me for information on how you can get started. Or click here to Join Now.

And we get to order from the catalogs a month before they go live to the public. In fact the goodies we're packaging here are all from the new Holiday Mini Catalog.

Speaking of the new Holiday Mini Catalog: If you are one of my customers you should be getting your new Mini Catalog in the mail soon.  If you are not one of my customers and would like the new Holiday Mini then contact me so I can send you one.  You'll be able to order from it starting August 1st, when it will be posted on-line. And of course you can see the Main Catalog on-line now.

I'll be posting more convention shots all this week so check back often to see whats going on and see our swap cards.

Happy Stamping

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