Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey There - Are You a Fan of Craft Kits?

Card made with stamps from Stampin'UP!'s monthly craft kits: Paper PumpkinDo you like Craft Kits?  Did you know that Stampin'UP! has a monthly craft kit!  Its called "Paper Pumpkin".  Each month's kit has all the supplies you need to make a cute project. Its always a surprise (cards, mini album ???), you never know what you'll get. 

Each Paper Pumpkin craft kit comes with everything you need - you just supply the adhesive.  And by everything that's exactly what I mean. You'll be getting little 1" square ink pads and stamps and pre-cut paper and the embellishments. More than enough to complete the projects.  I'm saving all my stamps and little ink pads. 

If you don't already have a lot of Stampin'UP! products this is a great way to slowly build up a supply of the ink colors.  Those little ink spots can be re-inked just like a regular ink pad. 

I'm finding so many other uses for the little stamps that come with the kits. The chevron pattern background on this card was from one of the kits and the sentiment came with the Welcome Kit. When you join the Paper Pumpkin Monthly Craft Kit you will get this sentiment in your first month's kit.  After that everything is a surprise - I can't wait to see what's in my kit this month.  

Here are some of the things I like about being a member of the Paper Pumpkin Craft Club.
  • Everything is prepared - I don't have to measure anything
  • I get a photo of the sample - so I don't have to be creative, the plan is there
    but I can be creative if I want!  I can use the supplies any way I want if I am feeling creative
  • I like collecting the little ink pads.  Much less expensive than buying the full size pads and I can still use them to ink all my other stamps. Plus they're easier to travel with!
  • I love collecting the little stamps and finding other ways to use them.  
  • The kits are quick to make and since everything is ready to go I don't need a large work area.
Are you thinking a monthly craft kit might be fun for you? Is this sounding good?  Here's a couple of more pluses!
  • Its only $19.95 a month - and that already includes shipping.  Of course there'll be tax on top of that, but here in Wisconsin its only $21.05 with the tax
  • I can change the number I order any month.  When my niece comes to visit I can order 2 kits and when I'm hosting my craft group I can order 8 kits and when I go on vacation I can order 0 kits for the month I'm gone.

If you'd like to sign-up too just go to http://mypaperpumpkin.com 
But do it TODAY if you want to get the kit this month.  
You need to order by the 10th to get the kit that month
If you order after the 10th you won't get your first kit until the next month.

No - you are not making pumpkins
and Yes - I know - the name is mis-leading.
logo for Stampin'UP!'s monthly craft kit: Paper PumpkinIts a take-off on the concept of Cinderella.
. . . The Fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into something special and you'll turn the kit contents into something special.

Click HERE to sign-up.  And be sure to choose Katie Johnson of Stoughton Wisconsin as your demonstrator because I send out a monthly email with photos of extra ways to use the stamps and other product you get in the kits.

Happy Stamping

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