Saturday, June 15, 2013

Papillon Potpourri Meets Paper Pumpkin Stamps

Card made with Stampin'UP! sets: Everything Eleanor, Papillon Potpourri and the splotches from the Paper Pumpkin Welcome KitDo you subscribe to My Paper Pumpkin?  Are you looking for a few additional ideas for using the stamps you get each month?  Here's a card I made using the "splotches" stamps from the Welcome Kit. I send out a monthly newsletter to my subscribers showing ideas for using the extra things in the kits.

Stampin'UP!'s Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription service.  Each month you get all the supplies for a half-hour of creative fun.  The kits don't really make pumpkins, what you get is everything needed to make cards, little photo journals or other  paper craft projects. You will need your own adhesive.

Everything is included: paper, ribbon, ink, stamps, stickers and other embellishments - along with an easy to follow photo of the project. You can make the project exactly as suggested in the photos or you can be creative and change it up any way you want.

These kits are a great way to slowly build up a set of stamps and little ink pads.  Each month you get a little 1" ink pad in one of Stampin'UP!'s great colors.  These 1" ink pads take hardly any room to store which is especially great if you you travel with your stamping. And of course DON'T throw them away when the ink is all used up because you can re-ink them just like you can re-ink the larger ink pads.

You also get a couple of little stamps each month so you can gradually build up a collection.  And you'll have other left-overs too, like extra ribbon or stickers.  So you can have even more creative fun using them with supplies you already have.   This card uses the swirls from a set called Everything Eleanor and the butterfly stamps from Papillon Potpourri  and a Stampin'UP! Antique Brad.

This card is made with the "splotches" stamps that come in the Welcome Kit. Each kit after your first month is a surprise. The projects could be cards or mini-albums or some other paper craft fun. But what you can be sure of is that it will be fun and easy and will be something you'll be proud to share with others. 

You can read more about the Paper Pumpkin monthly kits here or you can subscribe here. And to help the people who subscribe through me (Katie Johnson, Stoughton, WI) I send out monthly emails to my subscribers showing other ways to use the Paper Pumpkin extras. Like the card posted today.  

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