Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wood Mount versus Clear Mount

Wood mount stamps or clear mount stamps: do you have a preference? Stamps are the basic tool of our craft so its important to understand the reasons for choosing one or the other.

Reasons to Choose Clear Mount
  1. Storage:  they take up less space
  2. Cost: they cost less
  3. Ease of stamping: you can see through the clear block to position your image
Disadvantages of Clear Mounts
  1. They don't always stay on the block

    TIP: I solve this by using a little re-positionable tape on my block to hold on the stamp. It does not damage the stamp and easily comes off the block
  2. Make sure you have the right size block for the image. If its too small you'll miss inking something that hangs off the edge of the block. See the block chart to the right.
Here's another tip:  The images in the Stampin'UP! catalog are all printed life size.  So just hold your clear block over the picture of the stamp to see if it will work.
Reasons to Choose Wood Mount
  1. Missing Blocks: You never have to worry about finding the right size block. Or traveling somewhere and realizing you forgot to bring any blocks! (yep, done that)
  2. Total Accuracy: (when using a stamp positioner like the Stamp-a-ma-Jig).

    TIP: I always buy wood mount for my sentiments. Even with being able to see through the clear blocks, I find that I'm better able to get a level image by using a stamp-a-ma-jig. 

    Not sure how to use this amazing tool?  Check my how-to video explaining how to use the Stamp-a-ma-Jig
Are you thinking of switching over from wood to clear?  You can purchase the blocks individually as you need them, or you can save money by purchasing the entire group as a bundle.  And TODAY ONLY (Wed 11/28/2013) they are on sale for 20% OFF.  And the storage caddy is also on sale. I also have a video explaining why I like the storage caddy.

If you've been thinking about getting the Blocks you'll save money by getting them today.
You earn Customer Rewards Points for all orders over $25

Making the move to clear mounts 
might be a smart idea for you

Saving money by getting them today is very smart.

But do it now, because 

Happy Stamping

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