Monday, September 3, 2012

Stamping for Charity - Ronald McDonald House

Why do we stamp?  What a simple question but with some really complex answers. For most of us the quick and simple answer is because its fun. Many of us will add things like, "we like the social aspect of stamping with others", or "we love being creative", or my favorite - "I love being appreciated!" My mother often tells me she has saved every card I've ever given her. Wow, that's really being appreciated.  

Card donation for Ronald McDonald House
One thing thing that makes me feel really appreciated though is when I know I'm making a difference in the lives of others.  Here's something I'm delighted to share: Stampin'UP! has a formal association with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  There are many ways that we are involved with this charity, but one thing we do is make and donate cards that the residents of RMDH can use as needed.  Having a ready supply of cards for Birthday, Anniversary and especially Thank-you's is a blessing for people whose mental energy is focused on the health of a child and not on a shopping list.

Stamp Class, Cards with KatieMy Stampers are making a difference! I teach classes at many of the local senior centers (Monona, McFarland and Oregon). Recently I've been adding an extra station to stamp cards for Ronald McDonald House here in Middleton.  My stampers have been so generous with their time in helping to make a pile of cards to send.  I am so lucky to be working with such wonderful people.  And of course, its a feel good effort for them because they know they are making a difference for others.

Would you like to stamp with us and meet some of these great people?  Check my events calendar for upcoming stamping opportunities.

Happy Stamping

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