Friday, September 28, 2012

I Give you the Sun and the Moon

Have you ever done a little "moonlighting". I don't mean with a job. I mean making a sun or moon on a project. There are a couple of ways to do this.

. . . One way is to Punch a circle out of a Post-a-note and stick that on your project and sponge around it - like on the lion card to the right. My stampers this month used this same technique to make this silhouette card and this polar scene.

Try it, its super easy!

. . . A second way is to punch a circle and sponge color through the hole, like on the the sunrise behind the trees on this card. 

My stampers sponged through a hole to make this stunning scene with birds on a branch.

I wouldn't be so gushing with praise for my own work, but I didn't design the bird card, that was designed by my friend Lori Verdon.  Lori is one of the demonstrators in my local group and she and I have roomed together several times at conventions.  thanks for the inspiration roomie!

OK, so lets get back to you "moonlighting" . . . and this time I do mean in terms of a job!  Being part of a demonstrator group is wonderful in so many ways.  We have fun when we get together but we also are in regular communication via email and private websites.  The support, both business ideas and stamping ideas, is phenomenal. You could join us.

The Starter Kit is an amazing deal by itself - and you can completely customize it, you pay only $99 and you get to choose $125 worth of product.  And there is NO SHIPPING on the Starter Kit.

Buy the kit from me and you are automatically part of our group. I actively support everyone who buys the Starter Kit from me - whether you intend to make this a full time career or if you plan to "moonlight" or just want a discount on your own personal purchases. If I could I'd "give you the sun and the moon".  I meet regularly with the local people and if you are not in southern Wisconsin then we would communicate by phone and email and you'd get access to my private website and have the option to participate in mail-in trades. My next local meeting is this weekend - Sunday Sept 30th.  Contact me if you'd like to come as my guest.

Its also worth mentioning that 2 of the demonstrators above me are very active in their businesses and also hold regular meetings that you'd be invited to attend.  The next large group gathering is October 6th in Madison, Wisconsin.  Again, contact me if you'd like to come as my guest

Call (608-220-3450) or email if you have any questions about buying the Starter Kit 
and what that could mean for you and your stamping.

I hope to see YOU soon
Happy stamping

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