Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini-Album Ornament

Mini-Album Book Ornament
This is a Mini-Album Book Ornament shared by my downline Sue Adams. She is doing this as one of the projects at her next event. While Sue's project is small enough to be used as an ornament on a holiday tree, it can easily be made bigger and used as a mini-photo album. 

This little mini-album is very easy to make. You start with  five 4" squares and fold them as shown in the image. One quarter of one square is glued to a quarter of the next square until all 5 are attached in a line. 

The 2 ends are decorated with Designer paper and a ribbon. When all the creases are folded it makes a mini-book as shown on the left. When the 2 free ends are allowed to meet it opens up to make the ornament shown on the right.

Mini-Album Book Ornament

Speaking of events be sure to check my events calendar.  I do regular classes where we do projects like this.  I also meet regularly with my downline to help develop our product knowledge and work on our stamping skills.  If you are local to the Stoughton/Madison/Dane County area I'd love to see you at one of these events.  

The classes are open to anyone, regardless of skill level, and you are also welcome to attend one of my downline meetings as my guest.  I am so blessed to be working with a group of really friendly creative people and you'd find yourself more than welcomed.  Please call [608.220.3450] or email if you'd like more information on any of these events. Otherwise you can register on-line here.

Hope to see you soon
Happy Stamping

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Anonymous said...

can you explain how to fold the individual 4 inch squares. The picture does not do it justice. Are they folded in half like a triangle or folded in half and half again?