Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fork Bow Video

Card made with Stampin'UP! Stamp set: By the Sea and embellished with a Fork Bow
Do you wonder what a FORK has to do with stamping or bows? Well in this case, the fork is the tool to help make this perfect little bow. 

What I mean by "perfect" is the fact that the 2 loops are the same size and symmetrical. And the reason is because of the fork.

Did you ever notice how many cards and other projects are decorated with ribbons that have a knot in them, but very few have a real bow with loops?  That's because many people - me included -  have trouble making a good looking bow. 

Problem Solved!  I learned this little trick and its made all the difference for me.  And to help you out I made this video.  Check it out to see how totally easy it is to make a good looking bow.

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Happy Stamping

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Unknown said...

Awesome video! Thanks!