Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Join Stampin'UP! - New Starter Kit available Today

Stampin'UP! has just made it easier than ever to get started. The Starter Kit has been re-designed to be completely customizable.  

YOU get 
what YOU need 
to do business YOUR way.

Joining Stampin'UP! could benefit you both financially and artistically. 

FINANCIALLY - How would you like to get all your stamps for FREE and never have to pay for any more paper, markers, brads or any supplies? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well I can't remember the last time I had to use any of my own money to buy stamping supplies. My business pays for all my supplies and then some. Does this sound intriguing? Call (608-220-3450) or email and ask me questions - I'll explain how I do it.

ARTISTICALLY - Whether you are a novice or an expert, I feel confident saying that both your skill and knowledge will improve dramatically as you begin to associate with other stampers on a professional level. When I started this was my big challenge. I was never confident enough of my own work and was hesitant to show other stampers much less teach them. But by joining Stampin'UP! I suddenly had access to a whole world of creativity and shared knowledge and expertise from other demonstrators.

Here are some answers to frequent questions about MONEY
  • Price: $99.  This is a re-designed kit with a new price, the previous kit sold for $175.
  • You get $125 worth of stamping supplies (anything you want, you simply put together an order for $125 worth of supplies and you pay only $99)
  • You also get an additional $65 worth of business supplies . . . order forms, postcards, etc
  • You get discounts on all purchases as long as you stay active. . . 20% and up depending on sales
 Here are some answers to frequent questions about doing this as a BUSINESS:
  • This is an EASY BUSINESS to have. There is lots of networking among demonstrators and I can show you how easy it is to start this as a business.
  • However, there's also NO OBLIGATION to run it as a business, you get the discounts as long as you maintain your minimums. Some people love the idea of teaching and selling and others join to support their stamping hobby.
There are OTHER "PERKS" too:
  • You'd have access to Stampin'UP! website training materials
  • You'd have access to an exclusive Stampin'UP! demonstrator sharing site full of photos and discussion forums
  • You'd have access to an exclusive Stampin'UP! demonstrator magazine full of project ideas and business ideas
  • You are invited to attend the yearly Convention and other Regional meetings
  • And, as a member of MY Team you have access to my exclusive training website
  • And, as a member of MY Team you have access to monthly meetings with other local demonstrators (if you are not local we still support you - you can participate in our trades and you'll get additional support by phone and by email and via the web)
  • Plus, its totally fun! You meet great people, you make new friends and you help others develop their skills. 
Please call if you'd like to discuss this opportunity.  608-220-3450 or by email

 Think about it. How many people get to say they totally LOVE their job?  

Happy Stamping

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