Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scrapbook Options: Traditional or Digital

Are you a scrapbooker?  What is your format? Do you work with traditional materials (paper, ink, scissors, printed photographs . . .) or digitally? There are advantages to each.

If you've never tried digital scrapbooking and are curious about why people like it, then consider this:
  1. With digital scrapping you can alter the SIZE of the photos and other elements
  2. You can alter the COLOR of the elements to perfectly match your photos
  3. You can ROTATE elements and photos to create different effects
  4. This is just the basics, there is so-o-o-o-o-o much more you can do!
Stampin'UP!'s digital program is called: My Digital Studio There is a whole web community of active users who share, support and teach each other new tricks to use with the program. You can browse this web community for free at www.mydigitalstudio.net

There are 2 versions of My Digital Studio. One comes on CD's which you install on your computer. The other comes as a download from the internet. Watch the video below to see the difference.

Isn't it great to have a video to watch to help explain things. You'll find TONS! of useful videos like this on: www.MyDigitalStudio.net

Are you inspired to try digital scrapping?  Would you like to try it before you buy it? You can get a FREE 30-day trial version of My Digital Studio Express. Follow the link in the middle of the page as shown in the picture to the right.

Do you still have questions about what a digital scrapbook program can do for you?  Please feel free to call me (608-220-3450) or write an email. I can answer your questions.  But really, just download the free 30-day trial version and play with it. Then you'll see for yourself.

AND definitely spend some time lurking around on the community website. You'll learn so much about the program and what you read on the community site will make so much more sense after you've had a chance to play with the program. FREE is great - even if it is only for 1 month.

Happy scrapping

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