Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stampin'UP! is one of the Blessings in My Life

On Thanksgiving Day we stop to count our blessings. Many of us will be gathered with good friends and family and enjoying good food and good company.  And as we gather we'll reflect on our lives and count the many blessings we have. What are you thankful for?

Certainly at the top of my list is good health, my own and the health of my husband and children. Many others are not so fortunate. I pray for my nephew and the husbands of 2 friends who are all battling cancer.

I'm thankful for my personal security. I'm grateful that I have a regular income and a secure home. Security is an important blessing, financial security, national security, security from violence. . .

I firmly believe that blessings can be looked at in several ways. The cup may be half full to some and half empty to others. Our positive attitude influences our success and our happiness.

I also believe that our actions can help to create the blessings in our lives. Having said that I'll add that I count Stampin'UP! to be one of the blessings in my life. My association with this company has allowed me to make friends I'd never have met otherwise, to develop my stamping skills to a level I'd never have achieved alone and to start a growing business that more than pays for my hobby.

My upline Suzanne Askey is a blessing in my life. I will always be grateful that she offered me the opportunity to join this company. And therefore I am offering you the same opportunity. Join me and let me show you how to have stamping events with your friends that will pay for your hobby. Let me help you build a business that generates income for you.
You make your own blessings
you make your own successes.
I support people who join me with access to an exclusive website full of business information and stamping know-how. It makes no difference whether you are local or long distance, the web lets us stay connected.  

Check HERE for more information. Contact me ( or call 608-220-3450) to discuss how Stampin'UP! could be a blessing in your life too. Or JOIN NOW by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving

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