Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ribbon Storage Ideas

How to store craft ribbons - use rain gutter.
Here is an idea for storing ribbon: Plastic Rain Gutters!  Before I set-up this system I was throwing my ribbon rolls into a basket or a plastic bin. I could never find the one I wanted and they always unrolled and got all tangled together. GRRR! it was a mess. 

BTW: did you notice there is a new TAB on the top of my blog?  I'm starting a whole new page for just storage ideas and I have more details there about these rain gutters. Let me know if you have any special storage concerns because this page is a work in progress. It will grow according to your needs.

I love my stamping group. I got this great idea from Karla Anders who part of my stamping group. It has worked really well (except now I have so much ribbon that I'm running out of room again). Thanks for the idea Karla. I really appreciate being part of a large group of sharing supportive ladies. I've learned so much, both artistically and professionally. 

Would you like to join us?  Would you like to be a demonstrator? There are many reasons to join Stampin'UP!  Some people just want the discount and others, like me,  want to start a business.  Give me a call (608-220-3450) or send me an email. I can answer your questions and give you some ideas about how this business could be the right thing for you.


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