Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elegant Thank-You

Here is a super quick and super easy card. The color scheme is simple, black, white and one other color.  You can use up a scrap of any printed paper you had on hand.  Darker colors and geometrics makes it suitable as a masculine card.  I used a strip of black ribbon along the top edge of the Designer Paper but a strip of black paper would work as well - or just leave the edge showing.  I used a black circle (1 3/4" punch) behind the square scallop punched sentiment,  partly to highlight the sentiment and partly because the white paper is thinner and the black makes it look more sturdy. This card is so fast and so easy.  If you embossed the sentiment in gold or silver that really would make it elegant!

This card lay-out would work with any small image.  What little stamps do you have that would look nice in this lay-out? The stamp I used is called Elegant Thank-You and its one of those little "a la CARTE" stamps.  About 2 catalogs ago Stampin'Up! began offering single stamps at a price of under $10.  When they started they had just 1 page.  This catalog has 2 and a half pages of these cute little stamps - you can find them on pages 18-20 of the 2010 catalog.  I love this stamp and I use it all the time.  Here are a couple of other ideas for this stamp.

Technique Tip: Using Markers on the Stamp Itself! For both of these samples I used markers directly on the stamp.  On the left I colored each letter a different color. You could use this technique if you just wanted the words and not the swirly decoration on top and bottom.

On the right I used markers directly on the stamp again, but this time I just colored the swirly part.  I stamped it twice to get this cool little square image. I'd love to tell you my hand/eye coordination was good enough to get it lined up so perfectly, but I'm not that good.  I used the Stamp-a-ma-Jig, which is an alignment tool.  This, by the way, is on my list of essential tools, I couldn't stamp without it. 

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